1 of 1 – VW Drag Bus – Black Cherry Stripe & Multilayer Candy Flames **SIGNED!


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VW Drag Bus!!

– 100% PAINT!! –
SIGNED & Dated!!

Black Cherry Pearl Racing Stripe!
PLUS!  Candy Pagan Gold/Tangerine/Red
FADED Multilayer Candy Flames!


* How it started *

All the original finish was removed, bare metal was smoothed of casting lines.  Castings were then cleaned, sanded, and primed with automotive grade lacquer.  Then AutoAir Base Coat Sealer was applied and the REAL fun began!

* How its painted *

I have done very few drag buses with any kind of stripe.  Not sure why, but, I thought I would pass along that bit of information..lol.
this one combines the traditional “racing or Rallly” stripe with my multilayer flames and killer colors.  The stripe was done using a special designed 3pc mask, applied over a custom mixed grey metallic pearl, sealed with SG100 clear.  Then the rest of the body was taken back to an even Jet Black.
FOUR LAYERS of flames were then airbrushed on around the stripe and over the nose, down the sides.  The flames layers were covered with a light coat of Candy Pagan Gold, Candy Tangerine, and Candy Red, and sealled with SG100 prior to starting the next layer.  This layering technique creates a look that catches light in different ways, so when viewing, you see a bright vibrant color on one side of the top, while the opposite side shows defined flowing flame licks!  ITs an effect that is not possible to achieve with decal application and requires a lot of time/patience for a proper result.

Finally, after all flame layers are done, the stripe masks are removed and a few coats of custom mixed candy red and Pearl Red flake are applied over the stripe and body where there are no flames.  This creates a killer Black Cherry Pearl for the stripe and main body areas..it flips to a deep black in some lights while the red hue shows prominently in other views.  Really nice effect!!  This is a unique color set that simply cannot be duplicated exactly, even by me!
I also HAND SIGNED AND DATED this piece on underside of top!!!!!!

* How It’s Finished *

Alclad chrome used for HAND Detailed Head Lights, tail lights, Park Lights, and also added candy red and orange fast to the tail/park lights.  Front”VW” logo done in chrome as well!
All sealed up with automotive 2part Urethane clear and then HAND SANDED, POLISHED, & SEALED for a deep gloss and lasting shine!

* Additional Features *

Features Nicely Chromed Metal base and Chrome Deep Dish 5 Spoke wheels with Redline RUBBER Tires ALL Around!!


THIS IS A ONE of ONE 100% PAINT piece that cannot be matched!!!

You will not find another Code 3 or other limited series like this VW Drag Bus!
The pics absolutely do not do the real thing justice and I KNOW you will agree!

SHIPS within 2 Business days of purchase.

Comes mounted in its own acrylic Display case!!  Padded and SIGNED shipping box too.

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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in


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