OKC Thunder Series- #35 Kevin Durant -ALL PAINT- VW Drag Bus – 1 of 3 – in custom case!


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Custom VW Drag Bus!!

Oklahoma City Thunder
#35 Kevin Durant!

100% PAINTED Thunder Graphics
Candy Blue Multilayer Flames!
PLUS Custom mixed
Yellow to Tangelo FADE Pearl Tribal Flames!

ONLY 3 of the #35 KD versions made!!

* How they started *

All the original finish was removed, bare metal was smoothed of casting lines.
Castings were then cleaned, sanded, and primed with automotive grade lacquer.
Then AutoAir Base Coat Sealer was applied and the REAL fun began!

* The THUNDER Concept *

Being a OKC THUNDER fan myself, Ive wanted to do a limited series for a long time and I had fun to say the least!  But of course there was a lot of preparation involved.  For starters, The Thunder logo had to be restyled consideribly to work as a special mask on 1 inch wide top of the 1/64th drag bus.  In fact the final logo is closer to 3/4in wide.  Then there are the jersey numbers atop the Thunder logos.  Those were done with a thin outline or pinstripe so as to keep the inner parts of numbers masked at specific stages of the paint phase, thus each digit was a two part mask.


I want to say one more time that these are COMPLETELY and Totally, 100% ALL PAINTED graphics!!!
Now, Color wise, I planned on doing the Team colors of dark blue, medium/Mediterranean blue, yellow, and orange.  First I needed to incorporate the yellow and orange Thunder colors, so, sides got a base of Pearl White, followed with the pearl yellow to tangelo pearl custom mixed FADE!! When dry exclusive plasma tribal flame masks were applied and then the sides were brought back to black using Wicked Jet Black. Btw…this style of flame is unique to my works and never offered for use to general public.
Now, onward to the main color(s).  Overall, one might say its not exactly Thunder Blue, but some angles of view will give that familiar medium blue hue, and depending on lighting, there will also be that dark near navy blue, also used in the Thunder’s colors.  I got this effect by fading custom mixed BASE pearl colors, and ultimately, fading in Candy Koncentrate Oriental Blue HOK.  I had previously applied masks for the logo and jersey numbers on top and now, started airbrushing flames using loose masks, repositioned multiple times around the logo and numbers.  I used three different pearl colors, medium gray, gunmetal gray, and final flames done in chrome.  Each of the base colors were hit with a light coat of the candy blue HOK, prior to proceeding to next layer.  Also before adding the final candy blue coats, I pulled the masking from inner parts of jersey numbers..and freehand airbrushed a subtle fade of the three base color pearls used previously in the inner areas of numbers.   Now I very carefully removed all the maskings from top areas (leaving side flames in place however) and applied the final coats of candy blue over flames, logo, and numbers.  When I achieved the desired intensity of blue, I stopped let it dry shortly until just tacky, and removed the side flame masks.  Now the whole body was given a generous coating of SG100 intercoat clear and let dry.  Details added, color sanded to even surfaces a bit before adding the finish clear.

* Hand Applied Details *

Alclad chrome used for

  • Head Lights
  • Park Lights
  • Tail Lights

Custom mix Pearl Amber

  • applied to the park lights.

Finally Flame Red

  • applied to the tail lights.

* Additional Features *

  • All feature Metal base.
  • chrome 5 or 6 spoke wheels on front.
  • Goodyear White Letter tires front & Rear
  • Tire treads were SANDED to create a convincing faux rubber appearance!!

* Custom Acrylic Display Case *

All original graphics featuring Kevin Durant and the OKC Thunder logo, tribal flames, all over background of the crowd at “The Peak” arena.

Finally, they are all sealed up with High Quality automotive 2part Urethane clear , color sanded and then HAND POLISHED for a deep gloss and lasting shine!



You will not find another Code 3 or other limited series like these!
The pics absolutely do not do the real thing justice and I KNOW you will agree!

SHIPS within 3 Business days of purchase.

Comes mounted in matching Thunder graphics custom acrylic Display case!!

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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in


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