1 of 1 – Halloween 2012 ELVIRA 2 car SET–KB’s Personal STASH!!


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If you remember the 2012 Halloween Elvira series, or even have one of the original sets in your collection,
Ive got an EXTREMELY RARE PERSONAL STASH 1 of 1 set available!!
I say again..lol..Its a one of one set from MY STASH!!!
Both vehicles are done with special one of one METALLIC INK graphics (NOT USED on the other regular editions) and Special Colors (also not used on regular editions!). Its truly a rare set and even if you have one of the 5 original sets (which are killer to begin with!) you might still want to own this One Of One set.
Here are pics!!! Remember, there is only ONE set like this, I made it for myself..and its never been seen or offered before now!

Alternate Colors and Special Metallic Ink Graphics!!!!

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Differences in the SPECIAL EDITION are as follows:

59 Cadillac Funny Car

  • Special Metallic Ink Graphics
  • Pearl Purple & Blue FADE!
  • High Gloss finish!!
    (originals were satin black)
  • Yellow windshield


  • Special Metallic Ink Graphics
  • Candy Purple FADE over Pearl
    (VERY ghosty Fade, Originals different shade)
  • Special Chassis w/ Real Rider
    Rubber Tires ALL Around!

ANNNND…just for comparison…
Here is a link to the original item.
Elvira Halloween 2012 Series STANDARD 1 of 5 set

One of Five 2 car sets from 2012..ELVIRA Halloween Edition! KB Kustoms

Additional information

Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in


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