Groovie Goolies Dairy Delivery! – Halloween 2017 LIMITED Edition – From LB Customz & Okie Logo


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Ok, so lets take a trip down Memory Lane!  Back to the 1970s.  Its Saturday Morning and where are you?  Well if you were a kid in those were planted directly in front of the TV watching CARTOONS of course!!  Yep, that was back when there was no “cartoon network” or dozens of other channels showing animated shows around the clock, 7 days a week.  Back then, there were only 7 or 8 channels TOTAL available and  the ONLY time to watch Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny…was on Saturday mornings.  I know it sounds weird in todays world, but thats how it was for kids in the 70s.  Some of the best cartoons were seen for the first time in those days too.  The Flintsones, Jetsons, Scooby Doo and Super Friends..just to name a few!!
But one of the COOLEST cartoons to come along was a group of musical monsters called The GOOVIE GOOLIES!!  Drac, Frankie and Wolfie rocked the place every week and made us laugh a lot too.   So to revisit those simpler times, we thought this Halloween would be a great time to commemorate those rockin Goolies!

This called for another team up of world renown professional customizers to bring you this Original Art EXCLUSIVE Dairy Delivery Limited Edition!!
Features three fresh Groovie Goolies designs from Okie Logo (KB Kustoms official design company) and the masterful paint and assembly of LB Customs (Dino Laspada) who are both members of the Diecast Hall Of Fame btw!!

Happy Halloween from LB Customz and OKIE Logo! Groovie Goolies Dairy Delivery EXCLUSIVELY available from Hot Toy
Happy Halloween from LB Customz and OKIE Logo! Groovie Goolies Dairy Delivery EXCLUSIVELY available from Hot Toy

A few select images were painstakingly restored and tweeked in many different ways, plus new and original elements added to create these three new and exclusive images of our friends down at “Horrible Hall”!!

These unique designs were created using multiple “single” images of each character, that were meticulously restored prior to incorporating into the new scenes!  Then serious manipulations to make them fit the scene and even newly drawn elements were placed into the scenes to give us a fresh, but cohesive look for all three designs.  Each side is different, as well as the top image.  But each gives us a glance back at these incredible characters from younger days.
Groovie Goolies Dairy Delivery design by Okie Logo The passenger side shows Frankie, Drac, and Wolfie outside Horrible Hall, sort of standing at the entrance to “Horrible Drive”, welcoming us back under a glowing moon!  A ghostly bat wing along the front fender adds just the right graphic accent for the body of the Dairy Delivery

.Groovie Goolies Dairy Delivery design by Okie LogoThe Drivers side is a collage of the musical side of the Goolies!  All seperate, restored images manipulated to appear as one scene.  Frankie throwing down the beat..Drac tickling the keys, and of course, Wolfie wailing on his own style of guitar!!  A stone wall background fades away into the Passion Pearl base color and a ghostly Bat wing graphic matches the other side!

Groovie Goolies Dairy Delivery design by Okie Logo The top design depicts “our trio” with a background of movie lights, ready to film their next adventure!  Original web and bat wing designs were created as well as a “Halloween 2017” logo to mark the occasion!  The Groovie Goolies logo was totally recreated for this design and stretched a little here and there, plus some subtle legibility changes and lots of color!!

Dino laid down a gorgeous PASSION PEARL purple for these goolish beauties!!!Click to visit LB Customz on facebook!!

AND also adds his masterful details to the lights and grill.
Seals it up with generously applied 2 part Urethane Automotive Clear!!
Each is numbered on rear.  PLUS>>>>

Each Limited Edition will include:

  • Original Design Graphics!
  • PASSION PEARL purple base color.
  • Real Rider Rubber Tires!
  • Detailed Lights and grill.
  • Automotive Urethane 2 part Gloss Clear.
  • Numbered Edition on rear!
    (International just Add $10)




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