Stretched clear stage!

Here’s a peek at the stretched merc coming up.  This is post clear stage as all moving panels had to be removed or risk bridging gaps…which is not a good thing!  So now…the task of sanding/polishing begins.  Followed by assembly.  Im looking at several days before its done…but…with any luck and no sand thru incidents…she will be ready sometime, late, this coming weekend.  Stay tuned!!


2 thoughts on “Stretched clear stage!”

  1. Well…as you might have surmised by now (over a week later)…there WAS a problem with one of the doors. Im not sure at this time whether or not it will be repairable. Gonna be slow and the sale of this merc has been delayed indefinitely. Sorry. It will happen eventually, but I may have to strip the whole thing and start over if I cannot correct my tiny sand through on one door. Stay tuned!

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