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BadBat Purple Drag Bus -last of two- in case

The last of ONLY TWO..
This bad boy features Special Pro Circuit 6 spoke wheels on front, white letter Goodyears with sanded treads all around for a rubber appearance.  Signed, numbered, and dated on underside of body.  Mirrored case bottom with chrome BadBat logo on top of acrylic display case.  Case also features fitted foam padding and shipper box for added protection.

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BadBat Purple edition Drag Buses-only two made!

Here are completed pics of the Purple Edition BadBat VW Drag Bus!  I only did TWO of these.  They are hand signed and numbered underside of body.  Smoothed noses…multilayer candy purple flames on lower sides with silver high metallic and black graphics coated with a dusting of pearl flake…reeeeally pops!  Will have actylic case with custom graphics!

Purple Edition BadBat Drag Bus!  Multilayer Candy Purple Flames!  Only TWO made!

Purple Edition BadBat Drag Bus!  Only TWO made!!!

Purple Edition BadBat Drag Bus!  Hand Signed and numbered on underside of bodies.

Peeeeek! – Tribal BatTruck!

Heres the Wayne manor utility vehicle!  Lol..Ice Blue Pearl Fade with multilayer flames (trad.) And some blueberry black tribals on sides along with my original design tribal Bat on the hood.  Needs details but I should have it next in line this weekend.



BadBat-mobiles done and almost ready to go!!


I finally got all the BadBat-mobiles completed.
There will be at least TWO available as SINGLE purchase.
These will have special clamshell packaging.
Heres a couple pics of final product.
Watch for the sale link today/tonight!!


BadBat – 1st pair DONE!!!

imageFinally!!  Got the first set complete and will be in the store asap..but if you are interested in purchase…hit me up because they may go fast. Limited number available and it might be a few days.before I get the next set done.

FIRST LOOK- Badbat set!!


Well I didnt make the before Christmas thing but will be ready for pre New Year!  I still have some work to do but they are almost done.
Stay tuned….same BAT channel! Lol




Badbat drag bus -last wip pic!


Ok folks…here is the final in process peek at these…still need to detail the lights and final clear.  Get ready!

Badbat Batmobile blue edition -in process peek!


A sneek peek at the badbat 66 batmobile in process.  Will add details and they will be ready to get final clear alpng with the matching drag bus.  Hope to have presale up tomorrow…Getting close ..stay tuned!!
Same BAT- channel…lol 🙂

In process continued Badbat Drag Bus- the masking

imageimageThought I would post another process shot of these Badbat buses.  This shows the masking done on them.  Pretty intricate really.  The wing and lower sides are left exposed for more color.  I also added some fresh tribal FlameMasks after this.  Keep watching for your opportunity to grab one of these special sets!