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Contains several posts during the process of creating a Evo GT Drag Bus with ripped paint exposing the aged metal underneath..or at least thats what its supposed to look like!

Aged metal ripped Evo GT-Last look before final clear!

Aged metal Ripped Evo GT - Hot Toy CarsSo….here are the last wip pics. Its just gotten its last intercoat clear to seal up final details and the its in line for final clear process. Wont be long before its ready for sale! Notice the signature on wing..hand painted. In fact the only things “not” hand painted are the lights. But even those are ultra high quality metallic ink decals!image

Aged Metal Evo GT..More Detail and Shadows for the rips!

Aged Metal Evo GT Gets Ripped!I managed to get a little more done to the rips of the Aged Metal Evo GT before all the hooplah with site issues hit me!!  lol
This has nearly 100% hairy stick work for the rips details and shadows.  I just thought it worked well and was able to get some airbrush like effects from some of the ripple areas.  Again, I was using Transparent Base and Wicked Colors from createx.  Just a few drops of all colors on a pallet, mixed as needed to get the transparency level and hue I was looking for on the given area.  Im probably going to lay some intercoat clear on it to get a better idea of what its going to look like finished.  Will keep ya posted!!

Aged metal Evo WIP -detail to rips begins!


Well I started with the details to rips today.  Thus far its done with “hairy stick”…several colors mixed on pallet to get the right hue and transparency.  Silver pearl all around edges then a deep red/purple shadow to parts of rips where there might be ripples and twists.  More soon!

Aged metal Evo GT gets -ripped-!


Here’s another process shot of the worn metal Evo GT.  I did a custom mixed fade of pearl yellow to pearl orange.  All wicked colors with gold pearl flake and high performance reducer used for the fade.  I did the rips with hand torn strips of masking tape…gives it a really nice organic rough edge.
More soon!

Aged metal Evo GT peek!

In process aged metal paint effect..EVO GT Drag Bus

Here is a process peek for you!
EVO GT Drag bus.  She is all paint but looks like I’ve scraped up the bare zamac.  Lol
This will serve as a background color for a ripped paint effect.  Coming soon!