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Licensed 2012 Vegas Super Convention Cars!

Couldnt make it to the 2012 DiecastSpace Super Convention? Well here is a chance to grab KB Kustoms officially licensed Convention cars!!
There are four different, VERY limited, and ULTRA HIGH Quality pieces with exclusive graphics and paint made ONLY for the 2012 DCS Super Convention in Las Vegas this last February.  They are OFFICIALLY LICENSED to carry the Event Logo as well.  Click image below for more!

Ripped Diamond Metal Dairy Delivery
Ripped Diamond Metal Dairy Delivery -1 of 6-
Officially licensed and exclusively made for the 2012 DiecastSpace Super Convention in Las Vegas.
Vegas Busted - 2012 DCS Super Convention Edition! -1 of 5 -
2012 DCS Super Convention Exclusive! Hot Pink Passion! -1 of 10-
2012 DCS Super Convention Exclusive! Hot Pink Passion! -1 of 10-
2012 DCS Super Convention  Exclusive VW Wood Bug!  -1 of 10-
2012 DCS Super Convention Exclusive VW Wood Bug! -1 of 10-

KBs Double Candied 49 Merc


Heres a quick look at a reeeeeally killer led sled Ive just put together (finally). Its a 100% 49 Merc with double candied fade and flames, plus some Majik Blue Pearl licks that were shot, and remasked with a slight offset making some licks appear to have a slight highlight or shadow (depending on available light). A base of candy gold, tangerine, red, violet, to blue candy fade was used for the roof and upper side flames, which were masked and a SECOND (altho light) candy fade was it that ‘double’ candied look.
KB Kustoms Double Candy Flamed 49 Merc!
The body received a side window post removal as its only major change (and even thats subtle!). This one was a pain however due to the ‘real’ tail and head lights used in the original version. The headlights could not be removed without destroying them, but the tail lights were saved and reapplied after MUCH (and I DO mean ALOT!) aggrevation due to their size. I actually lost one and had to steal a replacement from another stock cast..but thats ok..when I do that one, it WONT be needing the stock lights! 👿
KB Kustoms Double Candy 49 MercIF I had not been so happy with the way the paint had turned one point, I woulda just forgot about using the tail lights and started over, filling in/remolding the rear lights area entirely. But..eventually..they made it. Im not totally happy with how far they protrude, but, this is it, and honestly..the paint more than makes up for that!
OH..the front lights are brass brads with the heads machined down to size for the lamps to fit with a slight ‘frenched in’ look.

Here is the official store item link where you will find larger pics and of course have an opportunity to adopt this piece.


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streaming film Mr. Peabody & Sherman

KBs Dairy-lac Black Chrome Hearse!

On Loan from a gracious owner.. KB Kustoms Black Chrome ‘Dairy-lac’ Hearse makes an appearance at the 2010 Vegas Super Conventions Customs Contest.

2010 Vegas Customs Contest Results!

Extreme amount of talent exhibited in this years contest held at the Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas.  Large turn out and great looking customs!!

~ 2010 Las Vegas Super Convention Customs Contest Results ~

Amateur mild:
1. Dino Laspada-dairy delivery
2. Sam Cercone-bone shaker
3. Sergio Munoz-grape ape

Amateur spicy:
1.Steve Mason-Promaro
2.Sam Cercone-Green Machine
3.Albert Avila- The Saw

Amateur Wild
1.Albert Avila- Boom
2. Sam Cercone- 32 Rod
3. Steve Mason- Over the Limit

Amateur Sets
1. Randy Muir- Midnight Express
2. Albert Avila- Black Skull
3. Dino Laspada – Green Monster

1. Noah Stone- My Blue Dream
2. Elijah Stone- Laker Pride
3. Elijah Stone- Flamed Bird

1. Doug Anderson – Junkyard
2. Bob Kaminskis- Rally Race
3. Vernon Stamm – Custom Paint Shop

Pro Mild
1. Bryan Pope- Super Bus
2. Kevan Bence- Fireskull 55
3. Alvaro Gonzalez- Highway Destroyer

Pro Spicy
1. Bryan Pope- Ghia Time
2. Jim Patko- Shine Runner
3. Vince Mosley- Skull Panel

Pro Wild
1. Bryan Johnson- Kopper Krawler
2. Chris Walker- The Dream
3. Vince Mosley- Gearhead Bus

Pro Sets
1. Bryan Johnson- Socal Express
2. Chris Walker- Monster Factory
3. Jim Patko- Matter Daze

Large Scale
1. Bryan Johnson- The Embalmer
2. Rick Morgan- Chopped Astro
3. Kevan Bence- FireSkull Divco

Maisto Designers Pick- Bryan Johnson
Alien Project Pick- Sam Cercone- Quamber
Best Engine- Bryan Johnson -Socal Express
Best Paint-Al Gonzalez – Sledster and Bus
Custom Crew Pick- Socal Express

Admin Sets
1. SDChopshop – tribal vws
2. Jason Bennett – Haulin A

Admin Wild
1. Jason Bennett – Racerig
2. DK Kustoms- Boneshaker Truck
3. SDChopshop  – Low Cal – Dairy

Admin Mild
1. SDChopshop- Super Kool Low 51
2. Pebbles – Pea Picker
3. Paul WRF  Customs- WRF BUS

Kustomizer of the Year– Bryan Johnson

The Killer So-Cal Express set! from Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson showed his incredible talent for creating the little toys with several entries into the customs contest at the 2010 Vegas Super Convention this year, and was rewarded with 1st Place in the Pro Sets category for this awesome So-Cal Express set!

Bryan had several other category wins, plus brought home Customizer Of The Year honors as well.

KB Kustoms FireSkull 55 panel brings home a Silver Medal!!

Thanks to a gracious owner, KBs airbrushed FireSkull 55 Panel made the show in Las Vegas and takes 2nd in Pro Mild at the 2010 Super Convention this February!

-KB Kustoms Award Winning FireSkull 55 Chevy Panel truck

KB Kustoms receives DHOF honors in Las Vegas!

KB Kustoms accepts Diecast Hall Of Fame honors at Las Vegas Super Convention 2/19/10
Plus a rockin tune from Hurricane Cletis and some of KBs past diecast custom creations!